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For Publishers and Distributors

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are taught Nonviolent Communication (NVC) around the world. There are hundreds of CNVC Certified Trainers, hundreds more independent trainers and practice facilitators, and approximately 30 formal NVC teams and organizations providing access to NVC training in more than 35 countries around the globe.

We appreciate your interest in translation and foreign rights for our Nonviolent Communication titles. The core messages of our books translate very well into other languages. The continued availability of this vital work in non-English speaking areas of the world is dependent on companies like yours.

Interested in Purchasing Foreign Rights or Translating Our NVC Titles? Take these Simple Steps:

Step 1: Check Foreign Rights Status.

Download a PDF our NVC Foreign Rights Publication Status document to check the copyright/publication status of the PDP published material you wish to translate and/or publish. This document includes:

  • Contact information for existing foreign language publishers
  • The language they publish in
  • The specific PuddleDancer Press title they have the rights to publish

Step 2: Check Distribution and Translation Status.

Download our Worldwide Distribution of English Language NVC Titles document to find contact information for English language distributors of our trade editions worldwide.

Step 3: Determine the Copyright Holder for the Title You Wish to Publish.

Copyrights for NVC-related publications are held by either Puddledancer Press, the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), or by the author of the material. Copyright ownership is usually indicated on the material itself. Acceptance and review policies vary slightly, but all NVC copyright holders are committed to helping to spread NVC around the world.

Step 4: If Copyright is Held by PuddleDancer Press, Contact Us.

Before speaking with us, we ask that you prepare to discuss your needs with us by downloading and reviewing our Tip Sheet. You can find our phone number and office hours on our Contact Us page.

Step 5: If Copyright is Held by the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Contact Them Directly.

You can find their phone number, email and office hours on their website at

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