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Pumpkin Pie with a Side of Compassion Please
By Jan Henrickson, editor of Eat by Choice, Not by Habit

Chances are sugar plums and the weight gain to follow are dancing in your head this time of year. Self-deprecating body jokes are rampant. People are groaning and squeezing their bellies. Everyone's stuffed. Vowing to eat "better" while breaking that vow almost instantly.
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  1. New Book by Deepak Chopra
  2. A Video Interview with Marshall Rosenberg conducted by Michael Henry Wilsonnow Now Released for the First Time.
  3. Dian Killian Blog Interview about Connecting Across Differences
  4. Neural Pathways to Happiness

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"I would like to suggest
that when our heads
are filled with judgments and analyses that
others are bad, greedy,
irresponsible, lying,
cheating, polluting the
environment, valuing
profit more than life, or
behaving in other ways
they shouldn't, very few
of them will be interested
in our needs."

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Pumpkin Pie with a Side of Compassion Please ... continued

"Compassion," says Sylvia Haskvitz, M.A., R.D., author of Eat by Choice, Not by Habit.

This holiday season and New Year spread some good will to yourself first. ""
Judgment and compassion cannot co-exist. So be kind to yourself. Start by translating your judgments into underlying emotional feelings and universal needs."

It's easy and popular to yell, nag, tease, and heckle yourself about what you're eating and how you look, especially when emotions are high. You're surrounded by your favorite food cravings. Challenging family members. Childhood food traditions.

Bullying yourself acts like a boomerang. What you don't want comes back to you—quickly. The next time you find yourself about to launch into a tirade, "What a pig! Three pieces of pumpkin pie. I have no will power! I feel sick!" reframe it. "I've had more pie than I would like. When I'm conscious of what's going on for me, I can make different choices."

Allow yourself the freedom to choose. When you're starting to eat more than you would like, pause. Tune in to your feelings and needs. Are you anxious at a work party and food is filling in the social gap? Are you trying to silence your Uncle's non-stop diatribe against another family member with mashed potatoes? What are you needing? Comfort? Reassurance? Joy? What other choices can you make to meet those needs?

"When you tune into your emotional state in those moments, you are operating from a needs consciousness," says Haskvitz. "From this place of choice, compassion is alive and needs can be met."

Even food tastes better with compassion. If you've paused enough to realize pumpkin pie reminds you of home and you really want to eat one more piece, savor it. Instead of shoveling in another mouthful, let your taste buds celebrate the hot pumpkin, the cool ice cream. Chances are you'll eat less and enjoy more.

You don't have to kick off the New Year by kicking yourself. Give yourself a friend instead. You.

Jan Henrikson is the editor of Eat by Choice, Not by Habit written by Sylvia Haskvitz. Jan is a freelance writer, editor, and writing/creativity coach. Thanks to her work with Sylvia Haskvitz on Eat by Choice, Not by Habit, she can say no to chocolate without feeling deprived. And, on occasion, say yes with absolutely no guilt.

Explore this topic more with Eat by Choice, Not by Habit by Sylvia Haskvitz, or contact Sylvia at 520-572-9295 to learn more about one-on-one coaching to transform your relationship with your body and food.

Sylvia Haskvitz in England in December
NVC Year Program: Self-development to Social Change

Are there ways of staying in balance while engaging vigorously with the inequalities of the world? All the trainers on these modules believe that there are, and have track records of transforming both self and world.

Module Two: 3-6th December, 2015: Sylvia Haskvitz: Eat by choice, not by Habit



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If we want to protect
the environment, and
we go to a corporate executive with the attitude,
"You know, you are really
a killer of the planet, you have no right to abuse the
land in this way," we have
severely impaired our
chances of getting our
needs met. It is a rare
human being who
can maintain focus on
our needs when we
are expressing them
through images of
their wrongness"


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New Book by Deepak Chopra offered in appreciation for his foreword in our new edition of NVC.

We are so appreciative of the new foreword by Deepak Chopra that we wanted to give our community the opportunity to take advantage of this preorder special for Dr. Chopra's new book.

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A Video Interview with Marshall Rosenberg conducted by Michael Henry Wilsonnow Now Released for the First Time.

©High Wire Productions 2015 from High Wire Productions PRO 3

Marshall gives an engaging and insightful overview of NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION, his brilliant methodology for resolving conflict both personal and societal. The interview was filmed in 2003 by Carole J. Wilson and Michael Henry Wilson.




Dian Killian Blog Interview about Connecting Across Differences

NVC (Nonviolent Communication) trainer and author Dian Killian explains in the interview below how we can use NVC in daily life and to engage with diversity and social change.



Neural Pathways to Happiness

Are you thoroughly happy with your life?

Anne Walton, CNVC Certified Trainer Tuesdays, November 10-24, December 1-15, Jan 5 & 12, 2016 (eight sessions) 1:30 - 3:00 PM Pacific (California) Time

Listen to Anne share her own experience with this work and how you'll benefit from participation.

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