A Little Help From Our Friends
"We never give appreciation using NVC to try to create some result in the other person. We only give it to celebrate, to let the other person know how great we feel about something that they have done."
- Marshall Rosenberg

Thank You to Everyone Who has
Helped make Our Thanksgiving a
Time of Receiving

We deeply appreciate the support so many of you have given us in getting through our cash flow crunch during this down economy. By taking advantage of our special holiday offer for yourself, your family, and your friends, you have also helped meet our need for greater ease with our finances over the next few months.

We have been so moved and inspired by your response that we decided to extend the sale through December 13, which is the last day that we can guarantee delivery in the US in time for the holidays.

Everything we publish will continue on sale in our store, including; Books, eBooks, Booklets, eBooklets, Book Packages, eBook Packages and eMail Products, at 60% off the retail price through December 13.

Again, we truly appreciate your decision to shop with us because we know that, not only does each order help us, but that these books will also be of lasting benefit to your loved ones, family, and friends who receive them.

Can You Do More?

If you haven't done so yet, we would appreciate it if you would spread the news of the extended time for our sale through your social networks. Please help us by sharing this offer with people you think might enjoy our Nonviolent Communication titles and those who may want to support our work.

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Thank You for Honoring Our Request and
Your Ongoing Support

Your Friends at PuddleDancer Press,
Meiji Stewart and Neill Gibson


Special Extended at the
NVC.com Store A Little Help From Our Friends
Save 60% on ALL of our NVC Books, eBooks, Booklets, eBooklets, Book Packages and eBook Packages extended
through Dec. 13, 2011

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