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Help Get Marshall Rosenberg on the
Oprah Winfrey Show!

Thanks for taking advantage of this opportunity to get the attention of the producers of the Oprah show. Completing the process is as simple as 1... 2... 3...

1. Draft Your Comments

Before you do anything else, we suggest that you draft your comments ahead of time. We recommend that you do this in a separate text document, and then copy and paste from that document to the Oprah website and then to the form fields below.

That way will be sure that we're seeing exactly what you posted as comments to the article and to the producers. This will also give you an opportunity to review and edit your comment so they are as brief, clear and powerful as a possible.

To help you accomplish this, we have a few suggestions for drafting your comments. We believe that these guidelines will help ensure your comments provide value to those who read them, and for help them be as effective as possible in accomplishing our goal.

Please consider formulating your comments by answering the following questions in as brief a manner as possible:

  • What problem or concern has NVC helped you with most?
    "Anger issues had my husband and I at the brink of divorce."
    While you probably could write 50,000 words about the who, what, where, when, how, and why of this, people can relate to a simple "in-a-nutshell" statement like this, where they may not relate to the personal details of your specific situation.
  • What specific skills or understandings did you get from NVC that helped you the most?
    "NVC helped my husband and I identify the root cause of our anger and translate our critical messages into requests for support that are much more effective at meeting our needs."
    Again, getting your comment into a simple "in-a-nutshell" statement helps people immediately identify with the support CNVC has given you.
  • What are one or two specific results NVC has helped you accomplish?
    "Now, instead of petty arguments turning into blowups that last for months or even years, we're able to come up with clear statements about our concerns, make clear requests about what we want instead, and resolve whatever little problems come up in the process."
    Stating your results in simple and concise ways will make it easy for people to resonate with them.
  • What would your future been like if you hadn't learned NVC?
    "I'm positive that without learning NVC our marriage would have ended up in failure, and even worse I would probably have been doomed to repeat the same errors in my next relationship."
  • What do you hope for the future now and/or what is your hope for others with NVC?
    "NVC not only helped us take this stress out of our marriage, we know that this change will allow us to provide great relationship role models for our children and a stable environment for them as they grow up, and these skills will also help us in every other area of our lives."

The example we've provided here is less than 200 words. We strongly recommend that you keep your comments to 300 words or less.

This example uses a personal relationship issue, but please use your most powerful story, whether it's from your work, school, extended family, or any other setting.


2. Post Your Comment to the Shapiro's Article

Please follow these steps to submit your article comment:

  1. Sign in at Oprah's site, or if you don't already have an account, create an account at the Oprah website.
  2. Click these two links to read what the authors said in the introduction to their article, 7 Men Transforming the World and then what they wrote about Marshall.
  3. Draft your comment to the article.
  4. Taylor your comment so it's appropriate to the nature of this article.
  5. Please include a few words about your appreciation about the article mentioning Marshall to Oprah's audience.
  6. Copy your comment from your text document and paste it into the article comment field in our form below.
  7. Go to the article about Marshall
  8. Click Post A Comment, and then paste your comment into the comment field.
  9. Click POST to submit your comment.

When you're done posting your comment to the article it's time to...


3. Submit Your Show Suggestion to Oprah's Producers

Please follow these steps to submit your suggestion to Oprah's producers:

  1. Click here get to the page:
    Season 25 - Who Do You Want to See Oprah Interview .
  2. Fill in all of the required fields.
  3. Modify your comment in your text document as needed to work as a suggestion for Oprah's show. You may want to include something about how you believe the Oprah's audience will benefit from having Marshall as a guest.
    Please note that this comment length is a Maximum of 2000 Characters.
  4. Copy your modified comment from your text document and paste it into the, Your Oprah Show Suggestion Comment:field in our form below.
  5. Paste your modified comment into the, Tell Us Your Story:field on the Oprah form.
  6. Click SUBMIT to submit your comment.

When you're done submitting Oprah's form it's time to...


Get Your Coupon Code for a Free Copy of Speak Peace

Complete the form below by entering your:
email address
the date you posted your comments to Oprah's site
and copies of your article and show comments in the appropriate fields.

Then click the button that says, Send me the Coupon Code for my Free Book.

All you'll need to do is confirm that you followed our guidelines and have taken these two actions.

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Thank you. You will receive the coupon code for your free book as soon as you submit this completed form. Please remember that you will be responsible for shipping costs to receive your free book.

Marshall Rosenberg

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